May 2, 2008

Sold out at 144 golfers in the Classic.
Event Winners

Winners of the Thursday evening activities:
Female Faye Bie
Male Doug Thorlakson

Gong shot
Female Bonnie Adams
Male Brian Loewen

Female Donna Fulthorpe
Male Bob Cane

Caddy Auction with auctioneer PAUL BURKE made $9,200.
Inspector Steve McVarnock was purchased by Dan Millar and Neil Bradbury for $2,100.

Winners of the Friday evening activities:
Accuracy shot
Female Raylene Vanden
Male Bob Bennett

Longest drive
Female Mary O’Grady
Male Chuck Winn
Longest drive sponsored by Okanagan Aggregate

Timed hole
Warren Melnick
Mike Mason
Rob Boan
Jason Sherwood
Timed hole sponsored by Kal Tire receiving 4 golf bags – at 31 seconds

The Far West Winning team – with 14 under par
Dan Currie
Lune Wong
Shad Nolan
Brian Gatsby

3 teams tied for second place at -13
Greg Smith, Robin Bezzant David Marr, Garry Henkel
Rod Dubland, Heidi Dubland, Len Thiesen, Miro Ceperkovic
Benischek, Rob Bistow, Dave Willis and Jerry Oglown

The David Kennedy Memorial Service Club Participation
Kal Rotarians

The Good Guys’ of the Year
Barry Aimes
The Auction

The major auction conducted by Bruce Mortonson raised $34,700. The Dream Easy Kitchen Package donated by Neil Bradbury was purchased by Warren Melnick fo $6,400, the Pure Granite Rock Package donated by Clark Omand was purchased by Dave Schneider. The Special Purchase was made by Heartwood Homes Partners Rod Dubland and Ryan Molitwenik for $3,100.

At the very end of the night Rob Fulthorpe, along with Gladys Fraser, Rick McComman, Donna Fulthorpe and Lucy Cole from the Bank of Nova Scotia announced that the Bank of Nova Scotia, along with all the volunteerism they did for the Golf Classic, donated $5,000.

Special Thanks

NOCLS would like to thank all the volunteers, caddies, those who donated, those who purchased, bought items, committee members, the media and all the golfers for making this year’s event the most successful event ever.

Total raised $80,053.
Thank you!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garry Molitwenik
Executive Director

(c) 503-6139