The North Okanagan Community Life Society [NOCLS] is committed to the provision of services founded on the following principles and philosophy:

Commitment to the concept of normalization

NOCLS shall provide and/or develop residential services based on the principles of normalization, ‘utilization of means which are as culturally normalized as possible in order to establish, enable, or support personal behaviors, appearances, and interpretations which are as culturally normalized as possible”. [Wolfsenberger]

Commitment to individual rights

NOCLS is committed to uphold the human and legal rights of persons served in the residential service system.

Commitment to community-based service development: NOCLS shall be committed to the operation and development of community-based residential services as so to provide permanent alternatives to the institutionalization of mentally handicapped citizens. NOCLS shall further ensure the development of community-based services is conducted in such a manner as to promote the highest possible degree of social and economic integration of mentally handicapped citizens into the life of the community.

Commitment to system comprehensiveness

NOCLS shall provide a range of residential services which will ensure that suitable options are available so the individual can develop and then be maintained at his optimum level. This assumes that each individual will be enabled to function in the least restrictive living situation as possible.

Commitment to the utilization of generic services

NOCLS shall accept the responsibility to ensure persons served by NOCLS shall utilize such generic services as are possible.

Commitment to regionalization: NOCLS shall ensure mentally handicapped persons shall not, under ordinary circumstances, have to leave their home region to receive the community-based residential services they need.

Commitment to planning and orientation to the future

By assessing the future needs of current Clients and the projective needs of mentally handicapped individuals in the region, NOCLS shall plan its future programs in cooperation with other services and/or planning bodies.

Commitment to program quality

NOCLS is committed to operate and develop services which shall be of a quality enhancing to the dignity and needs of mentally handicapped persons.

Commitment to evaluation and assessment

NOCLS is committed to the concept of ongoing evaluation and assessment of its programs and policies to ensure high quality service is maintained.

Commitment to individual program planning

NOCLS shall accept responsibility to ensure that within the residential service system a suitable individual program plan be developed with each Client.

Commitment to integrated programming

NOCLS shall ensure individual Client program plans are developed and coordinated with the other services he requires.

Commitment to staff quality and development

NOCLS is committed to the utilization of the best possible staff to deliver the services under its jurisdiction. It is further committed to the promotion and development of staff and man power training needs.

Commitment to innovative services

NOCLS is committed to providing the best possible residential services by ensuring there be an awareness of new techniques, trends, and development in the field of residential services and where appropriate these be utilized.

Commitment to appropriate age and sex groupings: NOCLS shall ensure individual residences be structured to include an appropriate age and sex mix.

Commitment to economy

NOCLS is committed, in the provision of its residential services, to maximize costs / benefits and cost / effectiveness while ensuring Clients’ best interest are served.