Ethics is a code of behaviour that represents the ideal conduct for a particular group.

Codes are based on reason, good judgment and an understanding of the difference between right and wrong behaviour. Also, they strive to respect the dignity and rights of people.

You enter into an agreement to follow the Policies and Procedures when you accept employment with NOCLS.

Ethics has to do with our moral responsibilities or behaviour.

Legal requirements are set by society as a whole.

  1. How does Ethical Conduct differ from Legal Requirements?
    Ethical conduct codes are written and adopted by the membership of a team. Ideal behaviour is encouraged through education, example and discussion. An unethical member is expected to conform or will lose his membership or support of the team.
  2. There is sometimes a hazy line between ethics and the law. Example: If you were to stay with someone who was ill until your relief came, but decided since the shift had ended (and no one came to relieve you) that you could go home, and some harm came to the person, it might also carry a legal penalty.
  3. When faced with a situation involving making moral or ethical decisions, ask yourself these three questions:
    • How will my actions or choice affect the person?
    • How will my actions of choice affect me?

    If your answer to all two questions is positive, your behaviour would uphold the dignity and basic rights of the person and maintain your own self respect, you have probably made a sound choice.

  1. The North Okanagan Community Life Society recognizes the inherent value of each person and supports each person in their decisions and choices in life. The Society is committed to supporting people in developing independence and inclusion in our community in any aspect of life chosen by the person. It is the underlying aim of this society to assist people in achieving their greatest level of independence.
  2. Society staff and board members recognize that they are accountable to the membership and to the persons supported and that they must comply to the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations governing this society. Business and Marketing activities are part of the North Okanagan Community Life Society’s accountability to the public.

    Marketing activities/efforts shall always respect the dignity and privacy rights of those receiving services.

    Marketing activities will never knowingly mislead or misinform the public or misrepresent the North Okanagan Community Life Society.

    Marketing activities will uphold the integrity of the North Okanagan Community Life Society so as to merit the continued support and trust of the public:

    The Society promotes ethical business practices and corporate responsibility in the following areas:

    • Business activities
    • Marketing activities
    • Professional responsibilities
  3. Any breaches of applicable laws or regulations governing the Society are subject to progressive discipline as outlined in this manual. Any person wishing to report a breach should follow the stakeholder conflict resolution policy.
  4. Corporate responsibility within the community is achieved in a variety of different ways, including but not limited to:
    • Supporting the Tri-Lakes Rotary Club
    • Membership in the Vernon Chamber of Commerce
    • Supporting Teens Count Too (Cinderella Project and Back-pack Project)
    • OUC Foundation Kelly Jost Memorial
    • Membership in the Social Planning Council
    • Membership in the Kootenay Okanagan Thompson Executive Director Network
  5. The following Society policies and procedures are in place to ensure ethical practices in all areas of operation:
    • Policy on duties and responsibilities of the Board
    • Policy on receipt of payments and donations
    • Individual rights policy
    • Conflict of interest and board ethics policy
    • Conflict resolution policy
  6. Society staff and board members will be responsible stewards of the Society’s resources.
  7. Society staff and board members will take no action that could benefit them personally at the expense of the Society, avoiding even the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  8. Society staff and board members will carefully consider the public perception of their personal and professional actions, and the effect their actions could have, positively or negatively, on the Society’s reputation in our community and elsewhere.